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This Wikia will cover all things about the language of the Geonosians, including a dictionary (divided up by parts of speech) grammar, and more. *This is a Fanon wiki, and unless otherwise marked, these words and phrases are non-Canon and created by myself

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Welcome to the Geonosian Language Dictionary and Grammar Site! First started Feb. 28, 2018.


The vast, vast majority of words and phrases in this dictionary are made up by myself. The Geonosian language was originally made by recording penguin mating calls, as well as fruit bats fighting over a banana. However, the 10 languages that influenced my version of Geonosian included the following: Xhosa and Zulu (which most of my influences came from), Arabic, Spanish, Navajo, as well as trace amounts of French, Welsh, Korean, and even the extinct tongues of Sumerian and Etruscan.


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